A kicking coach’s view on the Super 15

Raising the Super 15 kicking standard

We have just entered week 7 of the Super 15 and  saw some top quality goal kickers in the Super 15 competition this far. Since starting at the Bulls in 2004, the general acceptable kicking performance percentage from 2005 until 2008 ranged between 60% up to 70%. The psychological barrier of accepting and maintaining 70% lasted for almost 4 years.

2009 however saw world class kickers such as Morne Steyn, Daniel Carter, Matt Giteau, Joe Peterson and many more raise the standard to over 77%. The average acceptable kicking score benchmark for 2009-2012 was raised to 78%.

Luiperds vs Blou BulleIn 2013,  for the 1st time ever, Morne Steyn finished at the best ever kicking average in the history of the Super 15 at a whopping average of 85%. To maintain such a high average from February until August was truly exceptional.

In the Super 15 of 2014 we suddenly started to see a lot of kickers raise their own personal standards and at the moment we note a number of players currently performing well over 80% after round 6.  But the big challenge will remain; the kickers will have to maintain the high standards they have set for themselves as top class kickers.

Please follow the VlokSkop blog to see the kickers and their progress every week. In next  week’s article I will write about what it takes to be a top class kicker and to stay at that top level as a world class goal kicker.

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About VlokSkop

Vlok Cilliers is highly regarded as one of the finest kicking coaches in South Africa. Both Morne Steyn and Derek Hougaard credit much of their success to Cilliers, who has helped them immeasurably over the years. Vlok spent most of his rugby career with Western Province and on 17 August 1996, he earned a Springbok test cap against New Zealand in Durban. In 2004, Vlok became the kicking coach for the Blue Bulls. Since then, he has done tremendous work with the likes of Derek Hougaard, Morne Steyn, Francois Brummer and Louis Fouche, and is widely regarded as one of South Africa's top kicking coaches. Vlok recently joined Supersport as a technical commentator during live rugby games
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