5 Super Tips to Up Your Game in ANY Sport!

5 Super Tips to Up Your Game in ANY Sport!


In all sports types each and every top-class athletes have a pre-performance routine that they religiously swear by. Think of Rafal Nadal, Tiger Woods or any other golfer for that matter in the world,  they all have a pre routine that work for them. This also applies for all the best kickers in the world

I want to highlight 5 pre routine tips that will greatly assist you in competing in whatever Sport you are competing in right now – the principles remains the same!

1. Strive for perfection.
During training and practice sessions, you must strive for perfection while you practise, minimising your mistakes and keeping your levels of concentration in the same mind zone as if you are in a real game-day. This might sound contradiction but one of the realities is to accept that you can’t be perfect all the time when you play sports and you will make mistakes. However, always aspire to improve!

2. Put the “practise mindset” behind you.
You need to fully trust in your skills and routines you have practised now. You have worked so hard in training, you need to trust in your skills and what you have practised till now. Its not constructive to try and master or alter your routine just before a game.

3. Mistakes are mistakes – perceive it as a chance to improve on an identified flaw.
All athletes (novice or amateur) make mistakes at some point. Top athletes learn from their mistakes, it makes them stronger and they never loose confidence or get all caught up in negative thought patterns. They accept mistakes, improve them and they move on! Cut yourself some slack – for example; allow yourself 2-3 “get-out-of-jail-cards” and move on. When you do make mistakes, let it go without feeling frustrated or defeated!

4. Get into the “performance mindset”
Dont think too much about your technique and the details of posture etc, just think about getting the job done. Be reactive and creative. Don’t focus on the details…GET INTO THE ZONE!

5. Strive for success – not avoiding failure or mistakes
Visualize the outcome! See yourself winning. Focus on the POSITIVE! If your thoughts are shouting: “What if I miss this crucial kick…gosh my team will then be losing….”.

You can not afford to entertain this type of thinking! – refocus on what you want to achieve and on your next kick. Just DO it! Believe in yourself!


About VlokSkop

Vlok Cilliers is highly regarded as one of the finest kicking coaches in South Africa. Both Morne Steyn and Derek Hougaard credit much of their success to Cilliers, who has helped them immeasurably over the years. Vlok spent most of his rugby career with Western Province and on 17 August 1996, he earned a Springbok test cap against New Zealand in Durban. In 2004, Vlok became the kicking coach for the Blue Bulls. Since then, he has done tremendous work with the likes of Derek Hougaard, Morne Steyn, Francois Brummer and Louis Fouche, and is widely regarded as one of South Africa's top kicking coaches. Vlok recently joined Supersport as a technical commentator during live rugby games
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