Bouncing back in Sport

Bouncing back

Great article by Gielie Hoffmann – Sport Mental Coach.

Gielie HoffmannSomething I value in players/teams is the ability to bounce back after a disappointment. And to be honest, sport is a serious of disappointments interspersed by a few successes. Such disappointments included bad performances, injuries, wrong decisions and poor execution. A few elements that contribute to bouncing back is:

  • Confidence in your ability. Confidence is one of the pillars of performance and when the cards come tumbling down, it prevents the whole house from falling.
  • Strong motivation. The hunger to succeed and then doing whatever it takes to comeback, is what differentiates the best from the good.
  • The ability to diagnose, analyse and fix. To prevent you from running into the same wall over and over, you need to change something. Identifying it is key.
  • A positive attitude. It helps you to make better decisions, have a good perspective and remain hopeful. Negativity will make you spiral out of control much quicker.
  • Opportunistic. And I mean this in a good sense. The best players take those small opportunities handed to them and swing things back around as quick as possible. They understand that momentum is key and that the smallest opportunity may just provide the traction you need to climb back up again.

Remember, the better you cope with disappointments, the easier it is to cope with them in the future. Embrace this challenge and become known as the player who never gives up.



About VlokSkop

Vlok Cilliers is highly regarded as one of the finest kicking coaches in South Africa. Both Morne Steyn and Derek Hougaard credit much of their success to Cilliers, who has helped them immeasurably over the years. Vlok spent most of his rugby career with Western Province and on 17 August 1996, he earned a Springbok test cap against New Zealand in Durban. In 2004, Vlok became the kicking coach for the Blue Bulls. Since then, he has done tremendous work with the likes of Derek Hougaard, Morne Steyn, Francois Brummer and Louis Fouche, and is widely regarded as one of South Africa's top kicking coaches. Vlok recently joined Supersport as a technical commentator during live rugby games
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